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This pen has the distinction of being the world's first biodegradable pen made from corn. Yes, corn!

Except for the ink refill, this green pen is made from Mater-Bi, a revolutionary new material derived from corn starch. Mater-Bi is remarkably similar in look and feel to ordinary plastic with one important exception: it is completely biodegradable.

Reg: $1.99

Unlike conventional plastics that never break down, this green pen will disintegrate about 8 months after being discarded (breakdown occurs in soil, composters, landfills, etc.).

Available with blue ink, this green pen is light and comfortable for writing.

Custom Printing Available: Let the world know you support sustainable practices by printing your company's name/logo on these pens. Contact [email protected] for further pricing and details.

For small orders, colour availability changes frequently and may not be as shown in picture.

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