Carbon-Free Cards / Cedar Waxwing

One Tree Planted for Each Card

Carbon-Free Cards has made a commitment to plant one tree for each card via a partnership with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that plants millions of trees in developing regions throughout the world, primarily Africa, Asia and South America. This is a symbolic initiative that also has the following important environmental and social benefits:

  • Promoting long-term sustainable land use by communities involved in the planting and restoration projects
  • Minimizing land erosion and protecting surface water quality
  • Restoring land productivity
  • Providing habitat for insects, birds and other animals
  • Cooling the air by a process known as "evotranspiration", i.e. the trees draw water from the soil, which evaporates into the atmosphere, creating low clouds that reflect the sun's rays
  • Removing and storing CO2 while the trees are growing. Each tree planted can remove about 50 lbs of carbon dioxide annually and would therefore remove one ton of CO2 over its estimated life of 40 years. This is about as much CO2 emitted by an average size automobile in 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Providing wood to nearby villages for basic needs such as heating, cooking and construction

This tree planting initiative endeavours to raise awareness about the environmental and social value of trees and forests, and sustainable management of tropical forests given their important role in helping control global warming.

  • The paper and print process have been selected for their low environmental footprint
  • The cards are carbon-neutral (no net impact on global warming)
  • The message on the back of the cards raises public awareness about global warming
  • The cards feature beautiful nature photographs of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern USA

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