Clothesline Kit

Looking for new ways to reduce your energy consumption? These strong, reliable, weatherproof and rustproof clotheslines are a great alternative and really the best way to dry your clothes. Leaves your clothes 'naturally' fresh! The die cast pulleys are made with zinc to provide a superior product that does not rust and can last throughout the years. The wheel and cage are torsion ridged for extra strength. Convenient anchoring eyelet keeps the line from twisting. A clothes peg inserted in the locking hole acts as a locking device.

Comes in 2 convenient sizes that will meet your needs withstanding any size load:

The Sun Keeper. Includes: - 2 zinc pulleys 6" - 2 hooks - 1 clothesline wire 100ft - 1 line tightener - 1 line divider

The Breeze Catcher. Includes: - 2 zinc pulleys 5" - 2 hooks - 1 clothesline wire 50ft - 1 line tightener - 1 line divider

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