Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Regular incandescent lights are still incredibly inefficient. In fact, only 10 per cent of the electricity they consume is emitted as light; the rest is wasted as heat.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are definitely the way to go. Yes, they might cost more, but they use 60 to 80 per cent less energy and last 20 times longer. Plus, by replacing 10 regular bulbs with CFLs, you'll keep about 250 kilograms of CO2 out of the ecosystem!

Please keep in mind that all light bulbs (even CFLs) contain mercury, so do not throw any lights in the trash. Take them to a household hazardous waste depot.

  • One CFL Spiral is equivalent up to 10 standard incandescent lamps
  • Up to 75% saving on electricity costs
  • Excellent color rendering, excellent light distribution
  • Double coating (for higher lumen maintenance)

Available CFL Spiral Light Bulbs:

60 Watt CFL Spiral X-Bulb (spiral bulb contained within outer casing) Energy used: Only 15 Watts Light Output: 750 lumens Average Life: 6000 hours Cost: $14.99

75 Watt CFL Spiral Bulb Energy used: Only 20 Watts Light Output: 1250 lumens Average Life: 10,000 hours Cost: $7.99

100 Watt CFL Spiral Bulb Energy used: Only 26 Watts Light Output: 1750 lumens Average Life: 6000 hours Cost: $9.99

Price: $7.99 Buy Product Online | Visit Store Home

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