Countertop Water Filtration Unit

This countertop water filtration unit is portable and uses a compressed carbon filter (sold separately) to effectively filter municipal water.

The unit sits beside the sink and attaches directly to a kitchen faucet using a diverter valve. A knob on the valve allows you to easily switch between using unfiltered water directly from the tap or filtered water that moves through tubing and out through a spout on the unit itself.

Replace filter quickly and easily with self-standing cap/base on the filtration unit that accommodates the carbon filter.

Why should you treat your water supply? All water supplies will have certain levels of chemical contaminants (DBCP, EDB, TCE, PCE, THM and certain other organic chemicals. Also, potential solids can be present (dirt, rust, particles, etc..) and dissolved solids (calcium, iron, copper, etc...). Often the water quality to various locations will see an assortment of these contaminants based on the water source, season of the year, construction within the vicinity, road construction in the area, water main work in the area, fire department testing hydrants and changing municipal water treatment practices. Obviously the feed water into a household can be greatly affected by all these variables. A properly designed water system can help to remove a certain percentage of the contaminants. These countertop units can be used to help reduce some of the contaminants listed below.

What does the Unit Filter? The compressed carbon filters, designed specifically for these countertop units, reduce chlorine taste and odor, dissolved and particulate lead, cysts, MTBE and certain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). They have a 0.5-micron rating*, lead reduction capabilities through 2,000 gallons, VOC and MTBE reduction, 99.95% reduction of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma cysts, premium high capacity chlorine taste & odor reduction through more than 20,000 gallons and enhanced dirt holding capacity.

*For a frame of reference, a red blood cell is 8 microns

  • The countertop unit is available in white and clear casing.
  • Under-the-Counter unit also available

Please Note: The countertop units (white and clear) are on backorder. Please check back for availability.

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