Coyuchi Organic Cotton Flannel Crib Sheets

Our infants and toddlers deserve the best and safest start in life. A babys lungs and digestive systems are still developing in the months after birth and we think its important to help you create and maintain an organic and chemical-free environment for your childs development. This fitted percale flannel sheet is made for a snug fit to a standard crib mattress with full elastic around bottom to keep the sheet in place.

Fitted Crib Sheet Measurements 28 X 52 X 8 cm

Bedding Care Info To maintain the natural quality of your fabric, we recommend washing with baking soda or one of our Nature Clean laundry products. Use no bleach or detergents, as bleach weakens fabrics and can cause yellowing, and detergents often leave a greying residue.

Launder whites, colours and prints separately. Never wash with towels or fuzzy items. As with any cotton fabric you will have some shrinkage, and some more than others. Our bed linens are made a little oversize to shrink to the proper fit. Synthetic or polycotton nightwear can be hard on bedding. To extend the life of your beautiful bedlinen, complete your natural lifestyle with cotton or silk nightwear or au naturel!

RETURN POLICY We take no responsibility for the shrinkage or washability of bedding.

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