Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Save money while doing good for the environment with this spiral compact fluorescent light bulb that is also dimmable down to 20 per cent. One of these super energy saver bulbs is equivalent up to 10 regular incandescent bulbs! Excellent for colour rendering and light distribution.

This dimmable spiral bulb is available in 23 watts, which compares to a 75 watt standard incandescent. Rated average life from 6.000 hours and Kelvin Color is 2700K plus 82 C.R.I. is offered with these dimmable spiral lamps.

  • Start-up at low dimming position
  • Works with most household dimmers
  • 75% energy saver
  • Excellent color rendering, excellent light distribution
  • More compact with highest lumen efficiency in this series of lamps
  • Double coating (for higher lumen maintenance)

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