Druide Cleansing Lotion / Avocado Oil & Roman Chamomile

An ecological cleanser that re-moisturizes without disturbing the natural protective films of the skin.

To eliminate impurities and to prevent dryness. Use it like a cleaning gel or a soap. Does not require water, can be rinsed or not, at your convenience.

A base composed of the best oils and vegetable extracts. Effective against acne and various cutaneous irritations.

The absence of synthetic products is extremely important for the face, the part of the body that is most exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

  • Benefits of pure and organic essential oils
  • Rich in active ingredients with proven clinical properties
  • Beneficial for the skin, profoundly and over the long term
  • Guaranteed not to contain synthetic ingredients or elements that leave a film on the skin or block the pores

Available size: 250ML

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