Druide Dandrex Shampoo

For dandruff that is either dry or greasy. The remarkable gentleness of this shampoo allows it to attack the specific problem without disrupting the normal functions of the hair, allowing an improvement of the condition without drying. One notices that the itching sensation decreases. This shampoo is also able to control lice, skin irritation and itching in any region of the body.

A base of ecological bio-sulfur, drawn from 4,000-year-old peat bogs at 1 kilometer into the earth, is an extremely balancing element for the skin and scalp.

Guaranteed not to contain:

  • Synthetic foaming agents
  • Drying alcohol
  • Non-biodegradable cocamides, which can accumulate on the skin and create dangerous chemical mutations (formaldehyde, etc.)
  • Aggressive sulfates
  • Petroleum derivatives

Available sizes: 250ML and 1L

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