Druide Pur & Pure Unscented Foaming Bath

This unscented foaming bath is designed especially for hypersensitive people who enjoy foaming baths with comforting neutrality. Perfect as a base for adding personal essential oil mixtures.

Based on olive extracts with unrivalled softness. This foaming bath contains red clover to cleanse and purify your skin.

Deeply moisturizes and naturally purifies your skin. You come out of the bath rested, with soft and moisturized skin, and with no skin irritation.

Guaranteed not to contain:

  • Synthetic foaming agents
  • Drying alcohol
  • Non-biodegradable cocamides, which can accumulate on the skin and create dangerous chemical mutations (formaldehyde, etc.)
  • Aggressive sulfates
  • Petroleum derivatives

Available size: 250ML

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