Druide Sandalwood Foaming Bath

This foaming bath, containing pure goat's milk, is ideal for sensitive skin in need of moisturizing. Also provides stimulation and cooling.

Sandalwood which is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and repairing; ylang-ylang is balancing for the skin and hypotensor; palmarosa is hydrating, cellular stimulant, refreshing and anti-septic.

Sandalwood offers a soft and enchanting aroma that is difficult to resist. Once in the bathtub one feels the softness of the goat's milk which penetrates and hydrates the skin delicately.

Why pure goat's milk?

  • Rich in proteins that repair the skin
  • Gives regenerative protection that is especially useful before and after exposure to the sun
  • Ideal for sensitive and dry skin that reacts badly to common body care products
  • Guaranteed not to contain any active by-product other than pure goat's milk or whey

Guaranteed not to contain:

  • Synthetic foaming agents
  • Drying alcohol
  • Non-biodegradable cocamides, which can accumulate on the skin and create dangerous chemical mutations (formaldehyde, etc.)
  • Aggressive sulfates
  • Petroleum derivatives

Available size: 250ML

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