Druide Tonic Firming Foaming Bath

This tonic firming foaming bath is excellent to treat traumas and wounds resulting from sports as well as to counter physical and mental exhaustion.

Rosemary is a traditional tonic and since antiquity it has been renowned for its curative and disinfecting qualities. Working together with cedar, lavender, ivy and algae they improve blood circulation at the level of the dermis as well as the oxygenation of the internal and external tissues of the skin.

Rosemary's fresh aroma lightly tickles the nose and spirit. Its effects comfort a tired and painful body. Spring aromas like cedar, ivy and lavender reinvigorate your entire body.

Hydrotherapy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy were the techniques employed to conceive this line. Take time to harmonize body, soul and environment.

  • Rich in vegetable proteins, nourishing for the skin
  • Complex pure essential oils selected carefully to calm numerous discomforts
  • Extremely soft cleansing bases, particularly compatible with the skin, easy to rinse
  • Innovative products that are very conditioning and soft, people with sensitivities can use them without hesitation
  • Aromatherapy by organic/wild crafted essential oils

Guaranteed not to contain:

  • Synthetic foaming agents
  • Drying alcohol
  • Non-biodegradable cocamides, which can accumulate on the skin and create dangerous chemical mutations (formaldehyde, etc.)
  • Aggressive sulfates
  • Petroleum derivatives

Available size: 250ML

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