Druide Vegan Lip Balm

A highly moisturizing lip balm that offers a natural alternative to petroleum-based lip moisturizers. This shea butter lip balm quickly regenerates damaged, very dry, cracked lips. It penetrates easily by leaving a protective film on the skin and makes the lips soft and brilliant. In addition to its 36% shea butter content, this lip balm contains a soya extract that hydrates instantaneously at the sub-dermal levels of the skin, ensuring long-term comfort and repair.

Recommended without restriction, this shea butter lip balm is ideal for use with outside activities. It can also be used as a repair treatment at night. Can be useful in emergency care for all benign irritations, burns, etc.

Choose from two great flavours:

Citrus Lip Balm: Vegan formulation. Grapefruit flavor obtained with the non-photosensitive lemon myrtle essential oil. Tingling and refreshing taste of fresh lemon.

Vanilla Lip Balm: Vegan formulation. Sweetened flavour of soft vanilla. Natural vanilla taste, based on essential oils and not on chemical imitations.

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