Ekotec Replaceable Toothbrush Heads Multi-Pak

This multi-pack of four replacement toothbrush heads is an economical and ecological alternative to conventional disposable toothbrushes.

Hundreds of millions of these plastic toothbrush handles pile up in land fills all across the country, taking up space and not breaking down. At the same time, enormous resources have to be used to create more and more plastic handles to replace those in the land fills! The cycle goes on without an end...until now.

Designed for use with compatible toothbrush (sold separately), these toothbrush heads have soft, smooth-rounded bristles to reduce damaging abrasion to the gums and tooth enamel.

Replaceable heads click in and stay in. They do not dislodge while brushing. They are easy to remove and replace, making this an ideal toothbrushing system for everyone in your family.

  • Available with soft bristles

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