Endangered Species Memory Game

Your mind will be challenged and you will discover the incredible and fascinating facts about some of the endangered animals in the world! Fun, original and informative, this game is a terrific way to inspire children to learn more about our environment and how their actions can make a difference. This game offers hours of entertainment for both family and friends. Requires 2 or more players and is designed for ages 3 to 103!

Important Game Facts: Local Footprint: Made in Toronto, Canada and produced by S.O.S. Together Inc. Produced with eco-friendly materials: 100% FSC certified paper, vegetable-based oils, corn-based closures Original artwork was created by Anouk Bikkers

Playing & Information Cards: 72 game cards with 36 endangered animals Information cards include each animals Status, Habitat, Behaviour, Fun Fact, Description, Food, Threats and Protection.

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