Flaxpax Therapeutic Ouch Pack

This therapeutic ouch pack, containing 100% flaxseed, is a versatile and eco-conscious way to relieve the stress and discomfort of sore muscles and joints.

Designed with a convenient and sturdy elastic strap for keeping the pack on wobbly spots like knees and elbows. Heated in your microwave or cooled in your freezer, Flaxpax surrounds sore muscles and joints with soothing heat or cold for up to 35 minutes.

Flaxpax can be used effectively for arthritic pain, joint stiffness, sprains, tendonitis as well as repetitive strain injuries.

All Flaxpax outer casings are completely removable for washing in cold water. Hang dry to prevent shrinkage.

Ingredients: 100% flaxseed surrounded by 100% cotton.

Measurements: 5 X 6

Please note: Print pattern and colour may vary from what is shown in photo.

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