Freeplay Summit Solar/Wind-Up Shortwave Radio

The Freeplay Summit multi-band radio combines the best of radio and self-sufficient energy technology. This top-end radio offers its user the choice of three power options: wind-up, solar and rechargeable power.

In a compact and stylish design, the Summit radio is fitted with a DC input facility to accommodate the AC/DC worldwide travel adaptor and an earphone socket for personal listening. The key features of the Summit include coverage of 4 wave bands (FM/MW/SW/LW), digital tuning and 30 station presets. Alarm clock with snooze feature and 30 digital presets.

Includes: Shortwave antenna, AC/DC adapter, International shortwave guide


AC/DC The Summit is equipped with an AC/DC power in facility that allows you to charge the radio and run it from wall power for added convenience.

Tuning Digital scanning functionality assures convenient and accurate tuning ability across all bands. 30 station presets allow you to store your favourite stations for repeated listening.

Clock The backlit LCD screen has a 12/24hr clock display with alarm, sleep and snooze functionality.

Digital Features Digital display - LCD digital tuning 30 pre-select stations (10 FM preset stations, 10 MW preset stations, 5 SW preset stations, 5 LW preset stations) Clock and alarm

Power Source Wind-up - AC alternator driven by the crank via a transmission Solar - High performance amorphous thin film solar panel Charging Adapter - 6V 100mA AC/DC adapter (1.2 mm centre pin positive) Rechargeable battery - Removable rechargeable NiMH battery pack, 3.6V

Adaptor Charge Rate 24 hours - 100% Capacity

Playtime Fully recharged battery: 20 hours (normal volume) 30-Second wind: 30 minutes (normal volume) Note: Playtime will vary between volume settings

Frequencies FM - 99-108 MHz MW - 540-1650 kHz SW - 5.95-15.6 MHz LW - 146-281 kHz

Speaker Size - 66mm (2.6) Impedence - 8 ohms Output - 0.5 watts (max)

Antenna FM - Telescopic MW - Built in ferrite bar SW - Telescopic LW - Built in ferrite bar

Dimensions Height - 90mm Depth - 80mm Width - 171mm Weight - 700 g (1.3 lbs)

Available colours Silver

Price: $99.99 Buy Product Online | Visit Store Home

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