Handcrafted Soaps by 'simply.'

simply. soaps have been created with the intention of helping to heal and restore skin that has been damaged by our harsh environment.

These handcrafted soaps are completely plant-based, made with Certified Fair Trade and Organic ingredients, and contain no ingredients that have been tested on animals. They are free of any synthetic preservatives, surfactants or emulsifying agents and are scented with wildcrafted and organic essential oils because of their proven therapeutic benefits and regenerative properties.

simply. products are individually handcrafted by a Toronto-based artisan.

Choose the scent that is right for you:

Lavender - floral scent; helps with healing the skin and soothing the emotions, beneficial for all skin types Cinnamon - an aromatic fragrance; stimulating and warming Patchouli - warm, earthy aroma; beneficial for all skin types, especially irritated and ageing Lemongrass - herbaceous lemony scent; invigorating and toning for the skin and nervous system Anise allsorts - licorice-like aroma; benefits circulation Cocoa butter - a rich, unscented selection for use on even the most sensitive skin

Peppermint - sharp, sweet scent; invigorating and cooling, slightly astringent (an excellent shaving soap) Rosemary - clear, penetrating scent; beneficial for aging skin, cell renewal and mental fatigue

Tangerine - a zesty blend of Tangerine and Sweet Orange - this bar will remind you of sunny days

Rose Geranium - soothes your spirit like a walk in a park - and its great for your skin, too

Baby - a gentle unscented soap that will cleanse the skin without drying. Formulated with calendula extract for sensitive babies from nose to toes and mamas with growing bellies

Honey Oatmeal - this healing soap is created with organic colloidal oats, used for soothing and healing dry, itchy skin. An excellent choice for those suffering from eczema or with sensitive skin

Coffee - organic ground coffee is an excellent exfoliant and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite with it's mildly diuretic and stimulating properties. Coffee essential oil is used to enhance this soap with its rich aromatic scent

Vanilla - this popular soap is scented with pure Vanilla essential oils, unlike many products that use an alcohol based fragrance. It's sweet aroma is calming and soothing - it's also renowned as a powerful aphrodisiac!

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