Natural Drain Cleaner

This natural drain cleaner is a blend of selectively adapted Bacillus cultures and sub-strains, plus enzymes suitable for use on sink and floor drains, toilets and urinals.

Reduces solid waste in septic tanks and keeps septic systems operating efficiently. Eliminates foul and obnoxious odours caused by organic wastes. Prevents organic waste build-up and clogging in drain lines.

Non toxic, non-corrosive. Safe on all plumbing. Biodegradable. Environmentally safe: Certified by Environment Canada's Eco-Logo Program.

  • Will liquefy and digest protein, starch, cellulose, fat, oil, grease
  • Naturally destroys odours from septic tanks, drains, grease traps, and similar disposal systems.
  • Breaks down protein, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats, oils and cellulose for effective waste digestion and odour reduction.
  • Prevents accumulation of sludge, scum, grease, and other organic solids.
  • Introduces microorganisms into the soil for improved drainage and smooth operation of drain fields and leach beds.

Available size: 1L

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