Natural Rubber Crib Mattress

The heart of the natural rubber crib mattress is the six inch core of firm natural rubber that provides that perfect feel for a newborn baby. Surrounded with quilted layers of wool and encased in an organic cotton fabric, the natural rubber crib mattress is extremely durable and resilient.

Why natural rubber? Natural rubber is chosen for its qualities of flexibility combined with stability. In addition, the absorbency and resilience of natural rubber provide excellent heat and moisture regulation, coupled with efficient air circulation. Natural rubber is also antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and mold- and dust-free, creating an allergy-free bedding experience.


  • Extremely durable, flexible, and resilient - the mattress molds to your child's body
  • No use of toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents
  • No synthetic rubber or fillers
  • Rubber plantations help combat the greenhouse effect, offering an excellent environmental choice

Helpful Tips: Protect your mattress from bacteria, molds and dust mites by placing a barrier cloth cover over your natural rubber mattress and mattress pad.

Please note: Purchasing a mattress is a big investment. To ensure you get exactly what you want, please order by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-633-5833.

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