NiMH Rechargeable Batteries - Assorted Sizes

Prepared to be impressed - these latest NiMH rechargeable batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride) are environmentally-friendly, can be recharged a thousand times and are simply superb.

Today's NiMH rechargeables will easily outperform everyday "throwaway" alkaline batteries in most modern digital equipment and perform fantastically in almost every high-drain application.

Why choose NiMH rechargeables?

  • Ultra high capacity
  • Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic
  • Suitable for high-drain electronics
  • No memory effects
  • 1000 recharge cycles
  • Typical capacity 2250mA
  • Out-performs Sanyo and Panasonic
  • Batteries come with one year manufacturer warranty

Available rechargeable NiMH batteries:

  • 9V (1-pack)
  • AA 2300 (4-pack)
  • AA 2100 (bulk singles)
  • AAA (2-pack)
  • C (2-pack)
  • D (2-pack)

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