Organic Bamboo Utensil Set - Recycled Plastic Bag Case

This organic bamboo utensil set is a toolkit to help reduce your ecological footprint and keep you connected to the world. With the explosion of to-go culture, there is no shortage of disposable containers and utensils crossing our paths everywhere we go, and we've all started to feed the landfill more than we may realize.

Enjoy eating with organic utensils made of bamboo, which is highly durable and can be grown and harvested sustainably. Disposable plastic cutlery consists of petrochemicals that create dioxins and other toxic chemicals harmful to the environment, as well as contributing to wasteful habits that feed the landfill rather than nourish our lives.

In addition, the holder itself has been produced entirely by recycled plastic bags! Heat and stain resistant Safe to use on non-stick surfaces, won't impart or absorb flavors Lightweight, strong and long lasting Hand finished with top grade natural, food-safe wood oil

Comes in 5 funky styles: Slate Sante Fe (Stripes) Wheat Pink (Stripes) Newsprint

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