Organic Cotton Tampons

By choosing 100% organic cotton tampons, women avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and synthetics while doing good for the earth. Organic cotton tampons are a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, the use of rayon in tampons, and the extensive use of pesticides on conventionally grown cotton.

  • Available in regular, super and super-plus absorbency
  • With an applicator (16 per pack)
  • Without an applicator (20 per pack)

Quick Facts:

  • If you are not using organic all-cotton tampons, the tampons you are using could be chlorine-bleached and may contain rayon and additives. Unknown to most women, rayon and rayon-cotton blends are widely used in the manufacture of tampons. The rayon used in tampons is chlorine-bleached.
  • Chlorine-bleaching produces dioxins, a powerful carcinogen.
  • A woman uses over 11,000 tampons in her lifetime
  • In tampons, all-cotton (100% cotton) is the preferred choice over rayon or rayon-cotton blends to reduce the risk of menstrual-related Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • There are no regulations concerning the listing of ingredients in tampons

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