Organic Futon Mattress

The strength and success of our ultra-comfortable futon beds lies in the two-inch natural rubber core, which is surrounded by multiple layers of 100% organic carded cotton batting. The core is tufted to the batting and can be stacked to offer futons of varying thicknesses.

The organic cotton cover is quilted with wool, which lends flame-retardant and dust mite-repellent properties, not to mention luxurious comfort. The elegantly versatile futon can be used as either a sofa or a mattress.

Years of customer satisfaction Over the years, people of all ages have purchased other manufacturers' futon beds only to become dissatisfied as the cotton, wool, or polyester blends tamp down and become uncomfortable. The causative factors include low-quality batting and fill coupled with a lack of inner-core support. Don't be fooled by inferior imitations.

Our natural rubber provides a resilience that cotton and wool fibers alone can't match. We offer the finest futons available, we know what were talking about and we have the customer satisfaction records to prove it.

Two futon models to choose from:

4" Futon This four-inch-thick futon is ideal as a childs mattress, for occasional use in a spare bedroom, or as a couch in a folding futon frame.

6" Futon This six-inch-thick futon is built for nightly use as a permanent bed, but it can also be used in a futon frame as a couch.

What Kind of Foundation Should I Use?

We recommend a slat foundation with extra-firm support from wide wood slats placed every two inches for maximum coverage. This type of foundation also allows the mattress to breathe and prevents accumulation of moisture.


  • Comfort that can't be duplicated by other futon beds
  • Versatility: converts to sofa seating
  • Layer of pure wool acts as a flame-retardant

Helpful Tips: Protect your futon from bacteria, molds and dust mites by covering it with a barrier cloth cover.

Size and Pricing (does not include shipping or foundation):

  • Twin - 4.5" - $747.00
  • Twin - 6" - $955.00
  • Full - 4.5" - $1150.00
  • Full - 6" - $1290.00
  • Queen - 4.5" - $1311.00
  • Queen - 6" - $1435.00
  • King - 4.5" - $1568.00
  • King - 6" - $1868.00

Please note: Purchasing a mattress is a big investment. The mattresses are made to order and are non-returnable. To ensure you get exactly what you want, please order by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-633-5833.

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