Organic Wool Comforters

Gone are the days of our childhood when wool was synonymous with heavy, itchy, and scratchy.

Our toxin- and chemical-free organic wool comforters are incredibly soft, warm, and cozy. These comforters will keep you evenly warm and perspiration-free from head to toe ... and they look beautiful on your bed at the same time. Choose the comforter that suits your lifestyle and climate. Wool, of course, is comfortable in all seasons.

Wool is superior for sleeping Our pure wool filling keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Air trapped between the fibers responds to your body temperature, and perspiration is absorbed and released slowly through evaporation so that you never wake up overheated or chilled from night sweats.

Expertly quilted for convenience and practicality, our comforter stuffing will not migrate, bunch, or shift. Our tightly woven 100% organic cotton cover (290 threads per inch) is elegantly glossed for a rich appearance. Two comforter weights to chose from: Summer This summer (lightweight) comforter is ideal for warm or hot climates, or for sleepers who prefer a light covering.

Fall This fall (medium-weight) comforter is the best choice for temperate climates where just a little more warmth is needed.

Benefits No toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents to inhale Available in two seasonal weights to suit your environment Expert quilting prevents bunching and shifting

Helpful Tips: Always encase your wool comforter in a machine-washable outer cover for easy cleaning and long life.

Available Comforter sizes: Twin, Double, Queen, and King

Please note: These items are made to order and are non-returnable. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

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