Pheylonian Pure Beeswax Votives

These 100% pure beeswax votives are non-allergenic, non-toxic and burn beautifully with a golden halo and no smoke.

Beeswax is the only fuel known to modern science to produce a negative ion, which when burned purifies the air by removing dust, pollen, household odors from cooking and pets, mold, mildew and toxic residues from household furnishings, construction materials, rugs, etc., as well as viruses, bacteria and germs.

The colour of the beeswax is determined by the different crops around each honey yard. There are a wide variety of golden pigments produced in the honey and the wax.

Why burn beeswax and not paraffin? Beeswax is made from the nectars and pollens of Mother Nature with the assistance of the ever-so-special bee.

Paraffin, on the other hand, is a by-product of the Petroleum industry. It starts out as a grayish sludge that is bleached, creating dioxins, textured using carcinogenic chemicals, coloured with artificial colourants and finally scented with synthetic aromas that create floral carbons when burned. There is enough pollution in our world without adding more to our home environment.

  • Votives burn for 10-15 hours each

  • Standard size (1.5" X 1.8")

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