Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers

Finally, a safe conventional diaper without dangerous toxins. Seventh Generation Diapers keep your baby dry and comfortable. And choosing chlorine free diapers helps reduce the amount of dioxin polluting our air, water and soil, and helps make the world a safer, healthier place for your family and generations to come.

Most diapers are made with materials that have been whitened with chlorine. Bleaching with chlorine creates dangerous toxins such as dioxin, furans and other organochlorines. Once loose in the environment, these chemicals accumulate in both people and animals. Hundreds of studies have shown a direct link between dioxin exposure and cancer, birth defects and environmental and reproductive disorders.

The chlorine-free materials and absorbent polymers used in our diapers help keep your baby dry in between changes and through the night. In addition to being effective at keeping baby dry and reducing the risk of diaper rash, studies show that our absorbent polymer is non-toxic and non-irritating to baby's sensitive skin.

Unbleached and chlorine free materials Cloth-like covering Premium absorbency Hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested Resealable tapes Stretchy leg gathers No fragrances Latex free TBT (tributyl tin) free

Available sizes (there is overlap between sizes): Stage 1 (8-14 lbs.) Stage 2 (12-18 lbs.) Stage 3 (16-28 lbs.) Stage 4 (22-38 lbs.) Stage 5 (27+ lbs.) Stage 6 (35+ lbs.)

Quantity: Stage 1 (56) Stage 2 (48) Stage 3 (40) Stage 4 (34) Stage 5 (30) Stage 6 (26)

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