Stain Remover Stick

How many times have you had perfectly good clothes ruined by stains? Or avoided buying white clothes and linens because stains are just too hard to remove?

Well, no more! This all natural, 100% biodegradable stain remover stick works wonders on grass, grease, blood, red wine, ink, berry juice, ketchup and so much more. Even the most stubborn stains are washed away. Ordinary stain removers contain harsh chemical detergents, but this stain remover is made with all-natural ingredients, enhanced with borax to soften water and aid in the cleaning process. No artificial dyes or perfumes, just the fresh, clean scent of eucalyptus and the deodorizing power of litsea.

All you have to do is wet the stick, rub it directly onto the stain and throw it in the laundry as usual. Gentle on fabric and works on all laundry. Colour-safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate, Sodium Palmate, Glycerin, Borax, Eucaluyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Aqua.

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