Tree in a Box

Offset your own carbon footprint by planting a tree!

Trees provide shelter and comfort, feed hungry birds in winter, inspire poets, increase property value and preserve our most precious ecosystems. With easy-to-follow instructions you can now contribute to the reforestation effort at a grassroots level!

Choose any of these six varieties:

  • Canadian Sugar Maple - (acer saccharum) - Principal source of sap for making delicious maple syrup. In fall, its leaves turn brilliant colours ranging from bright yellows to reddish-orange. An important species to the ecology of many hardwood forests in North America. Hardy and disease-resistant, it can withstand -40C temperatures
  • Dwarf Mountain Goji - (lycium barbarum) - A dwarf tree whose berries are acclaimed to be "the most nutrient-dense food on the planet". Excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E. Contains 500 times the amount of vitamin C by weight as oranges. Hardy and disease-resistant, it can withstand -40C temperatures
  • Heartnut Tree of Love - (juglans ailanthifolia var, cordiformis) - A majestic tree that provides maximum carbon sequestration. Its seed contains a mild, sweet-tasting walnut and is the only living organism in the shape of a heart! Hardy and disease resistant, it can withstand -40C temperatures
  • Korean Pine - (pinus koraiensis) - Produces very large pine cones, each providing 500 to 600 seeds (or pine nuts) for pesto and other delicacies. A popular ornamental tree that will grow to heights of 40 to 50m. The tree is hardy and cold tolerant to -50C
  • Roselow - (malus sargentii) - A small flowering tree. Its pink apple blossom flowers are quite beautiful and its dark red fruit will feed cardinals and other birds in winter. Hardy and disease-resistant, it can withstand -40C temperatures
  • Seaberry - (hippophae rhamnoides) - Also known as Seabuckhorn. The orange-coloured berries are loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids that contain anti-aging antioxidants. Will grow in poor soil, even near shorelines. Nitrogen fixing. Excellent winter feed for birds. Hardy and disease resistant, it can withstand -40C temperatures

This complete tree-growing kit includes eco-friendly seed varieties, nutrient rich growing mix, an informative instruction booklet and is also 100% biodegradable - package and all! These trees can also be grown inside as a Bonsai.

Makes a wonderful gift that grows - a perfect way to mark any life-cycle event!

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