Wooden Toy Animal - Monkey

Want a safer alternative to phthalate-laden plastic toys?

Your toddler will love this whimsical toy made from organic maple wood and textile products.

This quirky hand-crafted animal has unique life-like characteristics which make them warm and appealing. There are many animals to choose from - each one has its own wood grain and individual markings that make them different from one piece to the next.

Handcrafted and integrated with textiles, they can look left and right, up and down and stand in different poses. This inspires hours of creative play. They are a unique gift, a story teller, a toy and a companion.

When you buy any of these animal toys you are guaranteed a product manufactured to the highest European and US standards using renewable resources, non toxic glues and paints.

Safe for children and the environment!

A percentage of your purchase supports wildlife organizations around the world, aiding real animals!

Price: $6.99 Buy Product Online | Visit Store Home

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