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We had a glimpse of the future and we liked what we saw
We believe that there are simple choices people can make every day that make our world a better place in which to live.

Grassroots offers environmentally-friendly products that allow people to make positive choices for themselves, their communities and the planet. Some people postpone making these choices because they feel it has to be all or nothing. But taking small steps to gradually replace conventional products with healthier alternatives can be just as effective for a sustainable future.

How It All Began
Until Grassroots opened its doors in Toronto in 1994, there were very few options for environmentally-friendly product choices. For more than a decade, Grassroots has pioneered to bring sustainable, low impact products to the marketplace, guiding people towards awareness and environmentally-responsible lifestyles.

Gradually, the word spread and our small, green business now mindfully operates two stores in Toronto. Because our products are so unique, demand grew beyond the city limits and even across the continent. The next logical step for us was to improve accessibility for everyone in North America by taking our store online!

The Green Screen
Behind every product sold at Grassroots is a story. Not only are these stories about our products and the environment, but they are stories about small, eco-friendly companies that we are proud to support.

Because we live in an age where “green washing” is epidemic (green washing is when anyone can claim to make an environmental product), Grassroots carefully sources and investigates products that meet or exceed our environmental standards, respecting and observing fair trade, fair labour, and human rights practices.

Shop with confidence knowing that we have researched the products we carry and we can provide you with all the detailed product information to make an educated and compassionate choice.

Tooting our Horn
We are so much more than a store that sells environmental products. Here are a few things about Grassroots that separate us from the pack:
  • Feel Good Fridays. As part of our 10-year anniversary celebration, Grassroots introduced Feel Good Fridays. On the last Friday of each month, Grassroots donates 10% of their net sales to local or national environmental organizations. Please mark the last Friday of each month in your calendar to shop and support the environment.

  • Green Power. Both Grassroots stores are bullfrogpowered (100% green electricity retailer in Ontario that sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact water power producers). Find out more at

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping. Online shopping just got more eco-friendly! Grassroots offsets the carbon emissions for all our deliveries. Zerofootprint makes this possible. Read more about this process.

  • Packing Materials. For all online shipments, Grassroots either reuses the packing materials from its suppliers or uses recyclable materials.

  • Awards. Over the past few years we have won the following awards:

    • Bike Friendly "Business of the Year" Award, 2006, City of Toronto
    • Commuter Challenge Award, 2006, City of Toronto
    • Green Toronto Award of Excellence, 2005, Green Toronto Awards, City of Toronto,
    • Market Transformation Award, 2005, Green Toronto Awards, City of Toronto
    • Bicycle Friendly Business Award, 2004, City of Toronto
    • Community Bicycle Network Award, 2002
    • Green Business of the Year Award, 2002, Riverdale Community Business Centre
    • Green Business of the Year Award, 2001, Riverdale Community Business Centre
    • Environmental Business of the Year Award, 2000, Rachel Carson League
    • Bicycle Friendly Business Award (multiple winner), City of Toronto
    • No Energy to Waste Award, Greenest City, Toronto
    • Atmosphere Friendly Retailer Award, Greenest City, Toronto

  • In-store Workshops. Grassroots organizes dozens of unique workshops every year that focus on issues of environmental sustainability.

  • Showcasing Local Artists. Every month, Grassroots showcases environmentally-related artwork by local artists.

  • Book Signings. Grassroots has held numerous in-store book signings from eco-authors such as Bob Hunter, Adria Vasil, Rex Wyler, and Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer.

  • Partnerships. Grassroots has partnered with environmental organizations, such as Coalition for a Green Economy, Evergreen Foundation, Windshare Co-Op, and David Suzuki Foundation to provide storefront exposure for key conservation issues and to help increase public understanding and interest.

Call us at 1-888-633-5833
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST