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Personal Care > Massage Products >

Organic Innerspring Mattress

We provide chemical-free, handcrafted, allergy-free bedding products that you will enjoy every night for years to come. The electromagnetic fields in our steel coils are neutralized so you can rest easy. We combine the finest environmentally-sound materials with pride of craftsmanship to produce a premium innerspring coil mattress.

Quality construction guaranteed
Our innerspring coil mattresses are constructed in a unique toxin-free manufacturing environment, eliminating the possibility of any contamination being passed on to you. Our electrically tempered steel coils have no plastic or oil coatings. The mattress cover is a thickly quilted organic-fabric pad with a unique multi-layered construction that prevents slippage and padding migration. Extra-strong border wire holds the coils in place and prevents the mattress sides from sagging, extending mattress life and promoting wrinkle-free uniformity of the upholstery. All of these features are designed to afford you hours of restful sleep.

Our guarantee
All mattresses have a heavy-duty organic cotton cover, a quilted top without dust-attracting tufting holes, edge protection all around, quilted borders, ventilation grommets, and reinforced fabric handles. Each layer of pure wool acts as a flame retardant and natural dust-mite repellent.

The personal touch
Our manufacturer can accommodate your special needs. Do you need extra length or width? Are you concerned about the weight-bearing capacity of a mattress? Please discuss your special needs with us. We also appreciate the environmental sensitivities of our clients and we do everything in our power to accommodate your custom order. Do a mattress comparison - no other brand can offer the quality and versatility that we can.

Two models to choose from:

Firm Innerspring Coil Mattress
This pure organic cotton-and-wool mattress provides firm support. It's surprisingly stronger and firmer than the medium innerspring coil mattress.

Medium Innerspring Coil Mattress
This pure organic cotton-and-wool mattress features fuller padding for extra comfort and softness. It is designed to support side-sleepers who weigh up to 200 lbs.

One box spring / foundation model:

Standard Box Spring
This box spring has a heavy-duty organic cotton cover over gridlock coil construction. This design offers superior support for body-weight ranges of 160 lbs. to 275 lbs. This box spring is recommended for use with Innerspring Coil Mattresses.


  • No harmful chemicals to inhale during sleep
  • Electrically tempered steel coils have no plastic or chemical coatings
  • Allergy-free (top-quilting avoids tufting holes that attract dust mites)

Helpful Tips
Protect your mattress from bacteria, molds and dust mites by placing a barrier cloth cover over your innerspring mattress and mattress pad. To support your Innerspring mattress, we recommend our Revelstoke box spring.

Size and Pricing:

  • Crib - $408.00

Medium Mattress

  • Twin - $1091.00
  • With slat foundation: $1842.00

  • Full - $1606.00
  • With slat foundation: $2641.00

  • Queen - $1612.00
  • With slat foundation: $2661.00

  • King - $2046.00
  • With slat foundation: $3383.00

Firm Mattress

  • Twin - $999.00
  • With slat foundation: $1742.00

  • Full - $1448.00
  • With slat foundation: $2481.00

  • Queen - $1651.00
  • With slat foundation: $2681.00

  • King - $1886.00
  • With slat foundation: $3223.00

Please note: Purchasing a mattress is a big investment. To ensure you get exactly what you want, please order by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-633-5833.


Organic Innerspring Mattress  

Personal Care > Massage Products >

Call us at 1-888-633-5833