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Solar Living Handbook

This is the Bible of independent living and renewable energy. Now in its tenth edition, the Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook has been in print and regularly updated since 1982.

In these pages you'll find up-to-date articles on all aspects of appropriate technology, written by experts with decades of personal experience, and a knack for sharing.

Whether you're a layperson or professional, novice or longtime afficionado, the Sourcebook puts the latest research and newest products at your fingertips, giving you all the information you need to make sustainable living a reality.

The Tenth Edition Sourcebook is the definitive compendium on renewable energy sources, theories and practice, providing you with the technical details you need to harness the sun, wind, and water for home power generation, and on laying out the ways and means of simplifying your grid-tied lifestyle and reducing your personal impact on planetary health.

The chapters on home energy conservation and disaster preparedness are equally relevant to remote homeowners and urban dwellers; the long-awaited chapter on passive solar design is an invaluable resource for visionary builders, and the new composting toilet and graywater systems chapter complements the revised water pumping and storage chapter to give you the final word on using our most precious resource wisely. Revised sections on renewable power resources explain every component (from wall-plug outlets to controllers, monitors,and mounting structures): what they do, why your system might need them, and your best choices for longevity and lowest cost. Technical details and thousands of products that can't be covered in our smaller catalogs are found here.

  • Paperback: 562 pages
  • Publisher: Real Goods Trading Corporation; 10th edition (June 1999) 
  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.5 x 1.2 inches


Solar Living Handbook  

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