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Salvaged Wood Cube or Spindle

These stunning solid wood cubes and spindles (made from recycled city trees!!) make beautiful organic end tables, coffee tables and occasional seating.

Cracks are a natural part of the kiln drying process and add such rich character to each unique piece. Each piece is hand-rubbed with a low-VOC oil finish and varies slightly in colour and grain. 

  • Cubes available in willow
  • Spindles available in willow or maple

Comes in various sizes and weights.

About the Production Process
Cubes are rough cut with a combination of the sawmill and chainsaw.  They air dry for some time and are then loaded into the kiln for drying.  Depending on the size of the cube and the moisture content of the log, the combination of air drying and kilning can take anywhere from 2 months up to a year.  After exiting the kiln, the once-square cube is altered from the drying process and so are put back on the sawmill to be re-squared. Finally, they are brought in for sanding and oiling.

Spindles are made from log rounds that are cut with a chainsaw and transported to the wood turner to create the spindle shape while in the wet stage.  They are then transported back and put into the kiln for drying. Drying times can vary again due to the moisture content of the log and can take anywhere from 1-3 months.  After kilning, they are then sanded and oiled. 

Why are they so expensive?
Often people look at these items and think that they can do it themselves to save on costs.  There are many prohibitive factors for the do-it-yourselfer. A sawmill is an important tool for this process as it is near-impossible to achieve a true square with a chainsaw.  Also, a kiln is critical for drying the wood; otherwise, there is the risk of bringing a wet piece of wood into the home that contains insects.  Mold is also a significant consideration. Feet are added to these pieces without which the wood would sit directly on the floor causing mold to grow.  Feet allow for proper air circulation, even with kiln dried products.

  • Prices start at $599.00.

How to Order
Please call our toll-free number to order: 1-888-633-5833.

Call Toll-Free: 1-888-633-5833.

Salvaged Wood Cube or Spindle 

Call us at 1-888-633-5833