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Using the same earthen ingredients as found in Homestead House Authentic Milk Paint, simply mix these non-sealing stains with water and apply to any type of wood.

These four beautiful stains can be used under any type of finish.

We recommend them especially prior to milk-painting in preparation for the Distressed Effect.

Reg: $4.99

The wood must be new or free of any previous finish as this stain soaks in and binds with wood fibers. The stains can be applied by brush, sponge brush, roller, sprayer or by dipping.

As they are water based, the stains dry very fast (approximately 30 minutes) with absolutely no fumes.

Any leftover stain can safely be poured down the drain, and clean up is as simple as soap and water.

Available Stain Colours:

Pacific Redwood
Provincial Walnut
Quebec Maple
Sherwood Brown
Homestead House Authentic Milk Paint Earth Friendly Hammock Homestead House Milk Paint Boxnd
Reg: $15.99 Add
Reg: $159.99 Add
Reg: $15.99 Add
Homestead House Milk Paint Bond $15.99
Homestead House Authentic Milk Paint $15.99
Earth Friendly Hammock $159.99