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Tall votives burn for as little as an hour or as long as you like. Safe low maintenance candle, ideal for desks or around children and pets.

Size: 1.75" diameter x 7.5" tall

Approximate burn time is 60-70 hours.

Are you looking for a Tall Glass Votive?

Would you like a beautiful wrought iron candle holder made for the Tall Glass Votive? See it here: Wrought Iron Candle Holder.

Price: $14.99

Why burn beeswax? In short, we choose beeswax for better indoor air quality, for your health and to respect our environment. Beeswax is made from the nectars and pollens of Mother Nature with the assistance of the ever-so-special bee.

Paraffin, which used for conventional candles, is a crude petroleum by-product, a grayish sludge that is bleached (creating dioxins), textured using carcinogenic chemicals, coloured with artificial colourants and scented with synthetic aromas that produce flourocarbons when burned.

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