Benefect Natural Disinfectant

Benefect is a 100% natural disinfectant. It is made from biodegradable, renewable, botanically pure plant extracts with pleasant aromatherapeutic vapours. No added artificial dyes or fragrances. It is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of all germs - naturally.

Benefect is an ingenious mixture of the plant extracts that most effectively kill germs but that are recognized as safe. Plant immune systems in a bottle, to put it simply.

In nature, plants produce essential oils to protect themselves from germs just like we humans produce antibodies to protect ourselves. These essential oils have been used in medicine to kill germs for thousands of years.

It's so easy to use. Just spray it on and it evaporates in seconds. Benefect is even suitable for use around children or food preparation surfaces.

Areas to use Benefect: kids toys diaper pails and change tables garbage cans door knobs toilet seats sickrooms high chairs counter tops cutting boards anywhere germs are spread

Available sizes: 120ML, 390ML, 4L Click Here for Ingredients List

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