Biodegradable Dishware

From picnics to parties, reduce waste with this biodegradable dishware. Finally, a sustainable solution to the disposable products that end up in our landfill. There is no wood or petroleum involved in either the composition or the manufacturing of this dishware.

This product is manufactured by a Canadian, family-based company!

Available dishware:

  • Plates (50 per package)
  • Cups (12 oz, 50 per package)

Raw Materials:

  • All natural sugarcane fibre called Bagasse - a by-product of sugar refining industry
  • Non-genetically modified
  • Non-toxic, no pesticide residues

Production Process:

  • Consumes less electricity, water, and energy to produce
  • Uses no wood (no tree cutting)
  • Uses no fossil fuel to produce
  • Gently whitened with hydrogen peroxide
  • No coating
  • Produces no liquid, solid and gas waste
  • All excess trims are reused as raw materials
  • All excess water is recycled
  • Hygienic sterilization by high temperature and ultraviolet light

Usage Performance:

  • Microwave and oven friendly up to 450F (230C)
  • Freezer friendly down to -13F (-25C)
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Good insulation: maintains hot/cold foods at desirable temperatures
  • Acid resistance: no discoloration, distortion or leakage
  • Sturdy and rigid: accommodates even the heaviest food
  • Stain, cut and grease resistant


  • 100% biodegradable to become organic fertilizer
  • Can be composted in a commercial facility (where available) or in a backyard compost environment
  • Recyclable (where available) in conventional paper stream
  • To be stored in sunless room with maximum relative humidity 99%

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