The Keeper / Reuseable Natural Rubber Menstrual Cup

This all-natural latex rubber menstrual cup is a comfortable, secure alternative to disposable menstrual products. This cup is worn internally during your menstrual cycle, and can even be worn overnight. It can hold up to 1 full ounce of menstrual flow (a woman's entire average monthly flow is 2-4 ounces). This cup comes with protective and attractive packaging and includes fully illustrated instructions. This menstrual cup is simple to use and is ideal for women with active lifestyles!

Recommended Sizing: Our customers have reported that they receive a better fit with the Size "A" if they are over 30 years old or have had vaginal birth or c-section delivery. Size "A" (after childbirth) Size "B" (before childbirth)

RETURN POLICY If you are not completely satisfied with your latex menstrual cup, return it within 90 days for a complete refund. *Must include a copy of the receipt. Do not add any substances to your Keeper or change its appearance in any way, except for cutting the tab, if necessary. Do not boil or bleach it, or leave it in the sun. We will not replace or give a refund for a Keeper that has been misused.

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