Many Moons Washable Flannel Menstrual Pads

Made from absorbent flannel cotton, these washable pads have wrap-around wings and come with two liners. Choose from four sizes - small, medium, large and extra large. Many Moons washable menstrual pads are designed for exceptional comfort and absorbency. A nylon lining is sewn inside the pad opening to prevent leaks. Easy to use, easy to wash. Available in print pattern or organic cotton.

Colours: Many Moons are available in various print patterns (with leak-proof nylon) and organic cotton (without nylon). PLEASE NOTE: print patterns vary and could be different from those shown in photo.

Available Sizes: Small (7.75/19.5cm in length - includes 2 liners): Light-Moderate protection. A good choice for those that prefer a shorter pad. Also great for small women and girls new to their cycle. Without liners, these pads make great pantyliners, too!

Medium (9.5/24cm in length - includes 2 liners): Light-Moderate protection. This is a popular all-around pad.

Large (11/28cm in length - includes 2 liners): Moderate-Heavy protection. This pad is a little larger. The additional length of this pad provides added absorbency and coverage.

Extra-Large (13.5/34cm in length - includes 2 liners): Heavy-Extra Heavy protection. An extra-long extra absorbent pad. This is the best pad for night time use and a really comfy pad in the daytime for those with heavy flows. The ends of these pads flare out slightly giving you added protection.

Other Uses

  • Postpartum. Great for postpartum care because the pads are so soft and gentle on tender skin. We recommend the Extra-Large and Large pads for postpartum.
  • Incontinence. Ideal for light-moderate incontinence protection. We suggest using 2 liners to provide optimal absorbency.

Safe for Women's Bodies Studies have shown a direct link between the accumulation of dioxins to cancer, birth defects, reproductive disorders, infertility, and depressed immunity. As well, toxic shock syndrome continues to cause serious illness and fatalities, and is primarily a result of tampon use. By choosing to use cloth pads, women can substantially reduce their exposure to these toxins.

Safe for the Environment In North America, we throw away 20 billion pads and tampons annually. Plus, the production of disposable pads and tampons releases dangerous toxins such as dioxins into our environment. Using Many Moons all the time or even part of the time will make a difference to our environment.

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