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The use of pheromones for biological pest management is an ingenious alternative to using harmful chemicals.

Insects of the same species communicate by releasing small quantities of chemical substances into the air. These distinct pheromones (i.e. scents) attract others to the source of that attraction.

It is now possible to communicate with certain insects with synthesized pheromones, attracting them and disrupting their normal behaviour.

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Indian Meal Moths

This insect is considered one of the most troublesome of the storage product moths. With a wingspan of 18 mm or thereabouts, the adult moth is grayish in colour, and has distinctive bronze-red tips on the fore-wings. It feeds on a wide range of food stuffs, including cereals, nuts, dried milk and dried fruits, and consequently is found in many manufacturing premises and warehouses handling these products, as well as in homes.

Indian meal moths are often mistaken for clothes moths when they are detected flying around in the home. The clothes moth does not have two-toned wings.

Indian Meal Moth larvae, which cause the damage, grow to 12 mm in length and at full maturity are a pinkish white colour, with a brown head. They form silky white webs in the food stuffs in which they are feeding, causing extensive spoilage. Since the life cycle is completed in 4-6 weeks, several generations may occur each year.

Traps are tent-like houses that are glue-coated. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available Combinations:

  • 1 trap + 1 pheromone lure
  • 1 pheromone lure
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