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Brought to North America by early settlers over 250 years ago, the tradition of milk paint continues today using the same basic ingredients.

This Canadian made environmentally friendly product leaves a beautiful finish in the same way that it did for our ancestors.

This paint will last for generations, with its absorptive properties ensuring an attractive and lasting finish that will never chip or peel.

Reg: $15.99

Milk paint is suitable for either interior or exterior use and must be used on porous surfaces, including, but not limited to:

  • Plaster
  • Wood (including uneven and weathered wood)
  • Masonry
This paint dries very quickly (approx. 30 minutes), resulting in a breathable surface with natural mold and mildew inhibitory properties.

Milk Paint will produce a solid colour or a stain depending on the amount of water used when mixed.

How does it work? Simply pick your desired finish and mix with water to the proper consistency -- it's that easy. Milk paint colours can also be mixed to create custom shades.

Earth Friendly Hammock Homestead House Milk Paint Boxnd Homestead House Wood Stains
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