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100% Recycled Toilet Paper
Reg: $1.00

This 500 sheet, 2-ply toilet paper is whitened without chlorine bleach, which means no harmful dioxins are created during the bleaching process--safe for you and the environment!

With a strategic focus on renewable resources, our Canadian supplier is committed to the environment.

Natural Glee Gum
Reg: $1.75

Choose natural chewing gum made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle!

By using chicle, we support chicleros, the workers who tap trees for chicle.

Glee Gum contains no preservatives, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners or colourings. It's the only gum which contains chicle in its gum base; Chicle helps sustain the rainforest!

Ecological Facial Tissue
Reg: $1.89

These soft, low-dust tissues are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and produced without chlorine or any added colours.

This tissue is also ancient and endangered forest friendly and is made in greater part of post-consumer recycled fibre.

Reuseable Mesh Produce Bag (10 Pack)
Reg: $1.95

Do your part in reducing plastic production by opting for a reusable mesh produce bag.

When you buy fresh fruits and vegetables, use these weightless mesh bags instead of reaching for a new disposable plastic bag every time. These bags are durable and stretch quite a lot to fit your produce.

Weldbond Non-Toxic Glue
Reg: $1.99

What are you gluing?

Weldbond is a universal adhesive that bonds most anything: glass, wood, plaster, metals, slates, tiles, building panels, boards and blocks, cement, bricks, concrete linoleum, fabrics.

Phew, that was a mouthful... You can even use it for scrapbooking and various craft projects.

Reuseable Cotton Bulk Bags
Reg: $2.50

Consider the harmful environmental impact of plastic and choose these reusable bulk food bags made with unbleached cotton, complete with drawstring closure.

We have tested these bags and find a mix of the three sizes to be ideal for those who (want to) buy a lot of bulk. They stay remarkably clean for potentially messy food stuffs such as brown sugar.

Reusable Cotton Gift Bags
Reg: $2.50

Wrapping gifts with conventional gift wrap is an unexamined ritual that needlessly wastes resources and contributes to pollution and swelling landfills.

Be a conscious consumer and give gifts in this reusable cotton gift bag. The environmental cycle continues when the recipient of your gift gets to reuse the gift bag when they give gifts and so on and so on.

Recycled Paper Towel
Reg: $2.69

Reach proudly for these 100% recycled paper towels. When you're wiping up a spill with these two ply paper towels, it's not costing the earth.

Embossed and available in white.

Lightweight Cotton Shopping Bag
Reg: $2.99

Consider the harmful environmental impact of plastic and choose affordable and reuseable unbleached cotton shopping bags.

Bring them with you to the grocery store and any time you shop. The long handles allow for convenient and comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying, unlike plastic bags that exhaust the hand's grip.

Twist Euro Sponge
Reg: $3.50

Not all sponges are created equal. Look around and you will find that durable, biodegradable, and (dare we say it) stylish sponges are few and far between. Use your Euro Sponge for everything from spills to regular kitchen cleanup.

This sponge derives from renewable tree farms, with 99.97% of all waste recovered for further production. Bury it in your compost or garden and watch it disappear within seven weeks. Twist packaging is earth-friendly and recyclable, including paperboard that can be turned into a bird feeder.